H turns 5 in a week. I’m talking years. To be clear, that’s half a decade. It’s also how long I’ve been a mum for. It feels like forever, and truly, I can’t quite remember life before kids. OK, that’s total bullsh*t, because I do remember life before kids. Clearly. It was peaceful and relaxing. I … Continue reading Ch-ch-ch-changes

Nobody puts baby in the corner

Except us. To be fair, we’ve never really put her in an actual corner. It’s usually any available, clean(ish) flat space – this could be a sofa, some grass - this morning, it was inside a shopping trolley. Not on one of those special baby seats- no- she was right next to some chicken wings … Continue reading Nobody puts baby in the corner

The end of an era

This week, my first-born man cub started school and I still can’t quite believe it. We’ve had the dates marked out in the calendar months in advance. We’ve known for ages that this was happening, but when it did, it was still a massive shock. On the morning of H's first day of school, I … Continue reading The end of an era

A Force of Nature

Our second child, M, was born at 31 weeks. That’s 9 whole weeks of bun cooking that should have been going on in the oven. She was little, not much larger than my hand and weighed just 1.65kg. She spent 5 weeks in the NICU at the hospital before she was big and strong enough … Continue reading A Force of Nature

3 is Okay

This morning, I was out running errands with our 2 month old strapped to me, the little lump peacefully sleeping in a makeshift jersey womb. Along the way, I spotted a newly opened shop in our neighbourhood and walked in, happy and poised to splash some of my fast depleting savings in support of a … Continue reading 3 is Okay