Just Start Writing.

I’ve been umming and ahh-ing about writing a blog for the longest time but the draw of Netflix and a lactation brownie while the baby naps is often far too strong for this mama to resist. I finally signed up to a WordPress account but then got stuck at the very first hurdle – a name. I had to get it right. It had to interesting and weird and funny. Something to facilitate idle chit chat or break awkward silences. It had to look good screen printed on a tote. Most of all it had to capture the essence of what I would be writing about. Except nothing had been written yet. Suddenly coming up with the single word or words that would describe this blog turned into a mammoth branding exercise – that’s what nearly 2 decades in advertising will do to you. Cue lactation brownie number 2 and another episode of Call the Midwife – and no blog name.

One day whilst chatting to dadallama about my conundrum he said ‘but you do have a name – Mamallama!’ Ah yes. The name of the imaginary shop and cafe that I run in my mumtrepreneur dreams as part of my quest for the ultimate work-life balance. More on this another time.

‘But it doesn’t mean anything! No one will know what I’m about!’ I exclaimed. ‘It doesn’t have to! Look don’t overthink it – just start or you’ll be stuck forever.’

So here I am. I’m not going to wordsmith the World’s Best Blog Name. I’m going to stop procrastinating. I’ve (temporarily) paused Netflix. I’ve put the kettle on and I’m going to Just Start Writing.

Because with 3 kids ranging from ages 0 to 4, sleep deprivation is real.  Sleep is the thing that makes our memories stick, and without it, I’m pretty sure that in time, we’ll forget all the details. But the details are the best bits. Like how our eldest is loving butt-based jokes at the moment, or the way our 2 year old suspends herself like a plank between the sofa and the pouf while watching tv, or the time when our 2 month old screamed all the way from Cornwall to London- that’s 7 hours of cortisol production, folks. The experiences that parenting has brought us so far have been horrific and amazing in equal measure – and I want to remember them all. Because even the hellish bits are precious once the blood pressures have gone down, the tears have dried and tantrums subsided.








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